Basic Info

                    What is T1D Prediction Program?

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is the result of an autoimmune destruction of pancreatic beta cells based on complex interactions among genetic predisposition and enviromentral factors.
The Czech Republic has an intermediate T1D incidence (18.3/100 000 children/year in 2003) compared to other European countries but continous rise mainly in the preschool age category is expected.
Since 2001 “T1D prediction program” has been available for the first degree relatives of T1D patients in the Czech Republic who are under 18 years of age. The programme currently comprises 1148 children (598 boys).

The Prediction Program includes:

1) HLA genotyping
 Life long risk for diabetes.
2) Assesing of GAD65, IA2, IAA and ZnT8 autoantibodies. 
 On annual or biannual basis according to HLA genotype.
3) Intravenous glucose tolerance testing
 To asses the first phase insulin response in children who are autoantibodies positive.


• Stanislava Koloušková MD, CSc., Head of the Program

• Lenka Petruželková MD, Ph.D., Clinical management and research

• MSc. Jana Včeláková, Ph.D., Program management

• Simona Tomšů, Program management and lab technician


The program is supported by the project (Ministry of Health, Czech Republic) for conceptual development of research organization 00064203 (University Hospital Motol, Prague,Czech Republic)